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TimeTec Cloud Time Attendance

per user per month


    • Cloud Based Time Attendance System
    • TimeTec Mobile (NFC, Bluetooth, GPS)
    • Web Clock-In (PC)
    • Terminal Clock-In (Fingerprint, Face Recognition)
    • Employee Management
    • Schedules & Rosters Management
    • Report & Payroll
    • Easy integration

Product Details


Easy Terminal Setup
Multiple clocking terminals are easily setup via TimeTec TA from the centralized Terminal Setup page.



Reduced Maintenance
We fix all the maintenance work for you, from data backups to routine maintenance tasks, therefore reducing time and cost spent on your in-house IT services.



Clocking Schedules
Provides daily, weekly, and flexible clocking schedules to support normal, overnight and multiple shifts configuration.



Report Generation
With 31 pre-configured reports available on TimeTec TA, all you have to do is choose one that is suitable for your department, and hit “Print”



Third Party Integration
You have another system that you want to integrate? TimeTec TA has an open architecture, enabling it to integrate time and attendance information with your existing system smoothly.



Efficient Branch Management
TimeTec TA is suitable for companies with multiple branches, as attendance data can be centralized under one account and viewed by the headquarters easily.



Various Platforms
One user license can be accessed on 3 different platforms without extra charges: terminal clock-in, mobile clock-in from smartphones, and web clock-in from your PC. Versatility is the key!



Various Export Formats
Whether you prefer your reports to be saved in .pdf, .xls, .doc, .csv or .html format, TimeTec TA provides them all!



Access Data Anywhere
The mobile app, TimeTec Mobile allows you to clock-in, check attendance history, and generate reports, all while you’re on-the-go!



Secure Data Storage
TimeTec TA runs on the Amazon EC2 platform and uses block level storage volumes by Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) which ensures the safety, security and reliability of your stored data.
* Refer to timetecta.com/pricing.php for pricing details.





Report and View Your Attendance Data Easily
Get TimeTec TA App from App Store or Google Play and manage your attendance data
with only a few simple steps!



User Management
Creates user profiles and fills in the required information, assigns Manager or Supervisor as admin to manage their respective division(s).
•  User Information
•  Multi Layered Organization
•  Flexible Access Rights

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Mobile App
Tracks and manages attendance on your mobile, the perfect fit for today's lifestyle.
•  Clocking
•  Attendance
•  Roster
•  Request & Approval

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Attendance and Scheduling
Configures schedules and rules based on company needs, assigns to respective users for attendance processing.
•  Weekly, Flexi, Daily
•  Up to 3 shifts per day
•  Calendar interface

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Obtains all data for better and more productive workforce administration.
•  Pre-Configured Reports
•  Multiple Filter Options
•  Save in Various Formats and Print

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Mobile Application:

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